What is Hosh Yoga? What makes Hosh Yoga so unique?

Hosh Yoga is a tax-exempt 501 C 3 not-for-profit, donation based yoga studio. It offers  yoga, meditation, workshops and strong community development in the Greenpoint and Williamsburg areas of Brooklyn, New York and beyond. We have a monthly sustaining membership for $49 that supports the organization and over 20 outreach programs reaching nearly 2000 children regularly. As a member, you are welcome to practice with us as often as you want, whenever you want! Join Today!


How do I schedule my yoga classes?

You can show up to the studio, or sign up online by visiting our MIND BODY ONLINE page, there you can choose what classes you will be taking ahead of time.


How much do classes cost at Hosh Yoga?

Hosh Yoga is donation based yoga studio. There is a suggested donation of $10 per class. We encourage you to become a sustaining member at Hosh Yoga for $49 a month. You may cancel your membership at anytime.


What is a sustaining membership?

The Monthly Sustaining Membership at Hosh Yoga is a tax deductible donation. This membership helps Hosh operate in the most sustainable way possible while allowing us to keep growing our outreach programs with seniors and children all over NYC. Hosh asks that you try to make a minimum 3 month commitment. By signing up as a sustaining member you will understand that the month donation will be automatically deducted from your bank account. You may put the membership on hold at anytime by emailing info@hoshyoga.org or contacting Hosh Yoga through our website.


How could I sign up as a volunteer or teacher at Hosh Yoga?

To sign up to be a volunteer or teach at Hosh Yoga you may start by visiting the FELLOWSHIP page.


What is Yoga exactly? What are the benefits of it? What can I learn from it?

Yoga is much more then stretching your body and making all kinds of poses. It’s a practice. It’s the art of being able to harmonize your body with your mind and with your breathing. It’s a healthy way to clear your mind, loosen your body and let go. Everyone can benefit from yoga. Yoga betters your health, improves your flexibility, helps you focus, and makes you overall more happier. To read up more about what you can get out of Yoga and what’s it about click here, http://www.hoshyoga.org/new-to-yoga/


How should I dress when taking a Yoga class?

You’ll be doing a lot of moving so you should wear something comfortable.  You want to make sure clothing that will allow you to move your arms and legs as much as possible. Also, if you have long hair you might want to keep it up so it’s not in the way while doing your practicing.  


If I leave something behind at Hosh Yoga, will there be a place where I can retrieve it back? A “lost & found”?

It’s very important to keep your eye on your belongings, but if you do leave something behind we will kindly hold on to it for you, until you return to retrieve it in our LOST AND FOUND section in the back of the studio.  


Do I always need to bring a yoga mat to class?

You can bring your own mat and if you want you may leave it here for storage if you like. If you do not have a mat when you come you may give a $1 donation to use a rental mat. If you a sustaining member you can use the mat for free.


Are the floors regularly cleaned?

We make a habit to keep our floors as clean as possible. We swiffer both floors before and after every class, and before we leave.