About us

Hosh Yoga is a 501(c)(3) non-profit wellness organization based in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.


What started as free yoga in McCarren Park in 2009 has turned into a community of yogis who come together to share their practice everyday for over 9 years.


Hosh Yoga studio offers daily yoga and meditation classes for practitioners of all levels.

Our vision is to invite all people to cultivate well-being with a mission to offer yoga and wellness programs for personal and community enrichment.  We've done this under the message of wellness as a right of life rather than a luxury.

Keep reading to learn more about what we do!

What's a Hosh?

We're glad you asked!  In Azerbaijan, the homeland of one of our founders, people welcome others into their space with the term “xos gälmissiniz”, which literally means “welcome”.  Among many positive connotations in Azerbaijani (Turkish), the word Hosh means “auspicious”, “heartwarming” and “redolent”.  In Sanskrit, Hosh appropriately translates as “awareness”.

We chose the name Hosh because everyone is welcome in our community.

Our Yoga Studio

Hosh Yoga is a yoga and meditation studio located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn where we offer a warm, welcoming space for healing and transformation. Hosh offer over 35 classes weekly to help you connect to you. Every time you practice at Hosh you support our non-profit programs across New York City.

Visit us for a class today, because no one ever said, "I regret going to yoga".

Hosh Kids

Hosh Kids is a health and wellness non-profit organization based in Brooklyn, New York, committed to enhancing the lives of children through movement, the arts, and enriching educational programming.


Since 2011, Hosh Kids has been working in schools around New York City providing affordable enrichment education school day and after school programs.


For more information visit www.hoshkids.org or email info@hoshkids.org to bring Hosh Kids to your child's school! 


Hosh Seniors

Hosh Seniors is a program run by Hosh Yoga committed to enhancing the lives of seniors through movement, community building and wellness programming.


Each year in partnership with local seniors centers, council members, and the NYC Department of Aging, Hosh Seniors hosts free outdoor yoga and zumba parties. Classes are taught in English and Spanish and the seniors leave with smiles on their faces!

Feet on the ground

Feet on the Ground is an organization supported by Hosh Yoga which supports individuals and communities affected by trauma in building resilience from within through the breath and movement of yoga.

Feet on the Ground trains yoga instructors, teaches trauma-exposed populations, works with aid and development organizations, and supports wellness programs for those who work in high-stress and trauma-related professions.

Feet on the Ground hosts Trauma-Informed Yoga teacher trainings at the Hosh Yoga studio annually.

To learn more about the incredible work they're doing visit www.feet-on-the-ground.org or follow them on social media @feetontheg.

I Can Breathe Yoga

In 2017 Hosh Yoga teamed up with Suryaside Yoga and The Jacob A. Riis Neighborhood Settlement to create "I Can Breathe Yoga" a program that allows us to bring yoga to populations that do not currently have access to it.

We accomplish this by providing scholarships to teacher trainings for people who can't afford it,  and partnering with other non profits to provide a physical space for those teachers to give free lessons to the community.​

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657 Meeker Ave, Greenpoint, Brooklyn, New York, 11222