Why Teacher Training Was the Right Choice for Me

I weighed the pros and cons and then followed my gut. I'm so happy I did!

Sure, I had thought that maybe one day it would be cool to get my Yoga Teacher Certification- down the line when I had more time, more money or Instagram followers (haha). But when the Hosh Yoga Teacher Training came up I decided to take a different, more YOLO approach if you will, and wrote down all the positives of taking the training at Hosh…

  1. I’m supporting a local non-profit

  2. I love yoga and would love to deepen my practice

  3. I want to make new friends

  4. The cost really can’t be beat

  5. The timing is perfect

  6. The certification doesn’t expire - EVER!

  7. And who knows, maybe I’ll want to teach yoga sooner than later.

And so, my Yoga Teacher Training journey began...

I showed up to our first class and knew I had made the right decision. My classmates were all so friendly and everyone was so unique and had something special to bring to our training. My YTT instructors were the ideal Yin & Yang - each bringing a very different style and energy to the space that worked so well together. And so for 200 hours, we practiced, questioned, read, talked, learned, laughed and sometimes even cried. I could see each person evolving - cracking from their shell and growing with each week. The soft spoken found their voice and the outgoing found their calm. We were all achieving a state of equilibrium and peace.

When you are involved in the Yoga Teacher Training program a lot changes. Your time becomes very special as the weekends are consumed by the training. I stopped going out and noticed that my time was devoted to things and people I really loved. My eating habits (which were already healthy) began shifting even more as I wanted to embody the yoga culture and really feed myself the best fuel possible. The weekday stress no longer phased me. Yoga had always been a sanctuary of emotional release for me, and the training was opening my eyes in a much different way.

Imagine if your eyes could open from the back, viewing the inside of your mind. I was seeing my inner self, thoughts, and emotions for the first time.

The Yoga Teacher Training certificate will allow you to share the gift of yoga. But it will also introduce you to yourself.

To learn more about this life changing experience visit www.hoshyoga.org/200hour

By Dominique (Nico) Klimek

@neeks.peeks // @neeks.peeks.types

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