Hosh Adventures:

8 Days of Inca Transformation

Fall 2019

Yoga Excursion in Cusco, Peru

October 20, 2019 - October 27, 2019

 We are proud to offer a week long yoga and hiking retreat in the Andes of  Peru! Join us in this transformative celebration of life with pachamama (mother nature) this fall!

Come with us, your local yoga teachers, community, friends and possibly neighbors on an incredible hiking and yoga adventure in the Andes of Peru! Take a break from your everyday life to cultivate greater well being, and perhaps discover something about yourself. Together we will become more wise, gentle, light and continue to discover a healthier and happier fulfilled life. Here we go!

Led by Hosh teachers Katherine Heiberger and Stefanie Mihoulides

and Hosh Executive Director Henry Cross. 

Pricing & Accommodations

Early Registration:  May 15th - June 30th

  • $1475 per person (shared accommodations) - $200 Off

  • $1775 per person (single accommodations)

Registration: after June 30th

  • $1675 per person (shared accommodations)


What's Included

Daily Yoga & Meditation Practice

3 Delicious Meals Daily 

  • Dietary Needs Can Be Accommodated

Private or Shared Room

Transportation to/from Airport

Excursions & Adventures

  • 4 Sacred Valley Site Tours: Women’s Market in Chinceros, Archeological Site of Moray, Ruins of Ollantaytambo, Maras Salt Mines

  • 3 nights, 4 Days of Hiking and Adventures through the Andes: Umantay Mountain, Salcantay Mountain, Santa Theresa Hot Springs, Machu Picchu


Arrival Day Sunday, Oct 20


AM/PM Airport Pick Up

Host House Check In

Evening Yoga Practice

Dinner and City Walk


Sample Days

Oct 21- Oct 26


Morning Yoga


Nature Activity or Tour


Nature Activity or Tour



Last Day

Sunday, Oct 27


Morning Yoga


Airport Departure



Day 1: Cusco Arrival

Aja! The journey begins. Our request is that everyone has arrived and checked in at our host house in time for 6pm yoga practice and dinner on Sunday, Oct 20th (remember, round-trip airport transfer in Cusco is included). That night, and in fellowship, we build our sangha (community), culture, e affecto for the week over dinner, wine, and an evening stroll through Cusco. And then we rest. We will have breaks built into the entire week but we encourage everyone to rest as much and as often as needed. Rest like health is wealth. Rest will be essential for the needed energy for these long nature and adventure days.

Day 2: Cusco City Tour and Museums

The morning begins with 6:30am yoga, followed by 7:30am breakfast as we prepare for a day of exploration in Cusco City. We will do sites in the morning and the museum walk in the afternoon. The museums are all about Inca e Peruvian culture, history, and art. These are mostly 45 minute visits to each as most of them are in the city center in close proximity to each other. And of course, fewer visits or a free afternoon is possible and optional. We will lunch at our host house by 1pm, followed by a guided meditation. Around 2:30pm, we will continue our city and museum tour. We will conclude the day back at our host house with gentle yoga, dinner, another night of celebration, and rest in preparation for our nature adventures.

Day 3: Pretty Lagoon

Promptly at 4:30am, the bus departs from Cusco with this fellowship of tenderness to the sacred mountains of the Inca people (Umantay Mountain and Salcantay Mountain). We are scheduled to arrive at Molle around 7:30am, where we will commune for sun salutations and breakfast. From here, a 50-minute bus ride will take us to the entrance of our 4-day journey by foot. This 5-hour hike begins ascending from 11,000 ft to 15,000 ft. Every step will count. Every rock will help us ascend and every rock will help us descend. With awe, and adventure for life, we celebrate this magnificent journey through the majestic Andes and the vast Amazon jungle, passing by several remote Inca villages closest to the spirit of nature. Around 1:30pm, we arrive at Soraypampa for lunch and our most scenic and simple first camp. After 2:30pm, we depart for a sunset meditation and shamanic blessing at the scenic turquoise blue lagoon of the Umantay Mountain (13,779 ft) - 45 minutes up and 45 minutes down. Then we move smoothly into dinner, community or personal time, and rest for our next very long day. Here we go!

Day 4: 13 Miles

We promptly wake up at 5:45am for tea, sun salutations and breakfast before we depart at 7:30am. These possibilitiani (possibilitarians) continue another day with a 6-hour hike until 1:30pm where we arrive at Huayracmachay lunch camp. In this first morning hike of the day, we pass by the majestic Salkantay Mountain at 15,255 ft where we will have an Inca ceremony, art and performances, journaling and meditation. After lunch, we hike down as we say good-bye to the snowy Andes and are welcomed by the roaring rivers of the Amazon jungle, until we arrive at Chaullay four hours later. This will be another night to learn and share about Inca cosmology, myth, community celebration and live immersed in the abundance of nature and la dolce vita.

Day 5: Aguas Calientes

We will begin this day with a morning yoga practice at 6:30am. As this is our last morning with our cooking team, we invite you to do dishes and clean in karmic gratitude to the incredible effort our Peruvian travel team has provided us during our hike. We will celebrate, honor, and thank them, pachamama, and the mules for carrying our food, our bags, cooking, and helping us move safely through the Andes and the Amazon. After our yoga, departure rituals and breakfast, we hike and walk 5 hours to Playa Sahuayaco for lunch approximately at 1:30pm.

After lunch, we take a 90-minute bus to the entrance of Hidroelectrica. We then begin a 2-hour walk to Aguas Calientes, the town at the base of Machu Picchu. Arriving to our hotel right before sunset, we will have dinner and walk through this beautiful and small, but vibrant, Inca town. On this day we will also have an option to attend Santa Theresa Hot Springs.

Day 6: Machu Picchu

Finally, we wake at 4:30am with a take-out breakfast to begin our last hike up an Inca stairway, through the jungle and eventually to the entrance of the impeccable world gem of Machu Picchu. We will do sun salutations and a guided meditation once inside the sacred site. This majestic and sacred site will surely leave us inspired and in awe of its creation. After 11:30am, we shall depart from Machu Picchu. We will then feast in celebration of this life LOGRO (achievement). There is an entire rest and exploration break that afternoon before a return via train and bus to Cusco in time for dinner. This experience will have a profound impression on your relationship to life. One of the most important relationships that the Quechua Inca people have is their immense respect for the tremendous mystery of life, mother nature, myth and culture.

Day 7: Sacred Valley

On our last full day together, we journey after yoga and breakfast to the Sacred Valley, departing at 8am for an amazing day of Inca inspiration. We will start with the women’s Chinceros Market and learn their genius technique and natural process behind the iconic Peruvian designs and textiles. Our second visit that morning will be to the incredible engineering site of the Maras Salt Mine. We will conclude our late morning and early afternoon program with a guided meditation in one of the spiritual and mystical homes of the Quechua Inca people - the sacred site of Moray. Around 1:30pm, we will enjoy a local and traditional Peruvian lunch in the Sacred Valley. After 2:30pm, we will continue on to visit the world-impressive ruins of Ollantaytambo, carved so beautifully and surrounded by mountains. We return after sunset for our final dinner at a local restaurant in Cusco city center.

Day 8: Inca Transformed

On our last morning together, we shall practice yoga, meditate, breakfast and soak in the glory of our accomplishment and this amazing time we shared together. We will conclude our adventure with a closing circle. All transportation to the airport will be arranged.


Stefanie Mihoulides has been teaching since 2015 and practicing yoga for 20 years. She has experience teaching beginners, seniors, and all levels classes. Her approach is lighthearted with an emphasis on breath and alignment. With her you will stretch, flow, strengthen and hopefully have a few laughs. She is also an avid traveller. Her ideal trip includes some hiking, delicious food and quality time with good people. Most recently she co-led our Yoga and Hiking Retreat to Joshua Tree!


Kat Heiberger started her yoga practice at none other than Hosh Yoga in 2013. As a lover of travel, she completed her initial training in Rishikesh, India in 2017 and has been teaching beginner, all-level and advanced classes ever since. Her travels have also recently led her to our exact retreat location - the Sacred Valley of Peru. With excitement and familiarity, she is ready to embark on this Inca adventure with you!


Henry Cross is the happy in the soul co-founder of Hosh Kids and Executive Director of Hosh. Family, friends, biking, writing yoga, singing in four languages and Hosh are his daily practices and divinations. Over the past decade he has served in government and philanthropy. He is thrilled to be joining in this Hosh Adventure after previous trips to Nicaragua and Cuba. He hopes Hosh continues to experience well-being through peace and cultural tourism that is transformative for our community.


Is there a payment plan option?

Email us regarding payment plans. Please submit early registration payment by June 30th. 

A $500 deposit secures a spot in this awesome adventure and it is not refundable. And all payments must be completed by August 15th.

Is there a packing list?

We recommend the following items to bring along for this journey: Day pack, flash light, water bottle, water purification tablets, layers (t-shirts, long sleeved shirts, a sweater), a warm hat, a sun hat, rain poncho, mosquito repellent, sunscreen, yoga mat, walking stick, passport, snacks, money for souvenirs and other expenses.

What’s the weather like?

In October the temperature varies from 77 - 50 F  in the same day. There is also the possibility of rain. So bring layers. A warm hat, maybe a scarf, a rain poncho and weatherproof hiking boots. At high altitudes the sun feels very strong, bring some sunscreen and a hat. When the sun goes down the temperature also drops.

Will I get altitude sickness?

Possibly. There are pills that help alleviate these symptoms and there will be an oxygen tank always with us during the nature adventure. The guides also offer other teas, coca leaves, and natural medicines for us in case of altitude sickness. And don’t forget to drink lots of water.

Are flights included?

No. We recommend that you book in advance your arrival. Plane tickets from $550 to $750 round trip. Our Hosh team will be arriving a few days before and you are welcome to join us at your own expense as we prepare and plan for your arrival.

What food will we be eating?

There will be a traditional Peruvian meal, frequently with soup, appetizer, entree, desert, coffee, tea, and vegetarian options available. If you have dietary restrictions or allergies let us know.

Will there be WIFI and hot showers and air conditioning?

During our stay in Cusco or Aguas Calientes, you will have access to WIFI at the host house but it is very limited in the mountains. During our time in Cusco and Aguas Calientes and select camp sites there will be hot showers available. During our time in Cusco and Aguas Calientes our rooms will have windows and AC but at camp sites there will be no air conditioning.

Cancellation policy:
Cancellation after August 15th is non-refundable.

Deposits secure your spot on the trip and are not refundable. Refunds for the balance payments vary depending on timing. For cancellation requests submitted with more than 30 days of retreat date: 100% of total amount (less deposit) will be refunded. For cancellation requests submitted within 30 days of retreat date, 50% of total amount (less deposit) will be refunded. Cancellation requests within 14 days of the retreat: Sorry, but no refunds given. 

** We must have a minimum of 5 people registered for the retreat to happen. 

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