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Single 60-minute Session: $80
Package of 3 sessions: $210
Package of 5 sessions: $325

Reiki Healing

With Kéren Tayár

Kéren realized she had a natural calling to energy work at an early age. When she was a teenager, her father entered a comatose state. Kéren felt an intuitive call to put her hands on his body in a specific formation and felt immense waves of heat and pulsations flowing through her hands and into him. During this process, his previously flat-lined EEG brain scans began to show signs of life and movement. He eventually woke up.

Several years later, having paved her way into a devotionally conscious path, Kéren became a certified Reiki practitioner under the Usui/Tibeten lineage and channels intuitive healing methods specific to her clients' needs. Keren is also a professional singer and musician, and facilitates healing work along with this modality. She uses powerfully vibrational instruments such as bowls and tuning forks on the body and subtle body to re-harmonize and realign the mind, body, and spirit's rhythms and energetic flow.

"I have been to several good Reiki practitioners. However, I feel that Keren has a very special gift. During our session, I felt so much negative energy and pain leave my mind, body, and spirit, and there was a lovely transfer of positive energy. Keren's serene, positive demeanor left me feeling energized, relaxed and refreshed and ready to go about my day in a much better frame of mind. It was a wonderful experience". - Sarah D.


With Yuuki Hirano

Yuuki is a New York State Licensed Acupuncturist and certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. He received his Master of Science from Tri-State College of Acupuncture which has given him the resources to practice three different styles of acupuncture; Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture Physical Medicine, (developed by the school’s founder Mark Seem) and a Japanese style of acupuncture taught by master practitioner Kiiko Matsumoto. Yuuki integrates all three styles into his approach, but focuses mainly on the Japanese style of acupuncture for its gentle style of  needling and proven clinical success.

By Appointment Only:

Single 60-minute Session: $80

Palpation Based Acupuncture

This Japanese style of acupuncture refined by Kiiko Matsumoto utilizes the objective feedback of the body in the diagnostic process. The patient’s abdomen and back as well as other areas pertaining to the patient’s signs and symptoms are felt by the practitioner and patient to determine any discomfort, tightness or pain. Then very specific acupuncture points are selected, pressed and then needled if it helps to relieve these areas of discomfort.

Trigger Point Therapy
Based on the extensive research conducted by physician and medical researcher, Janet Travell, Trigger Point Therapy utilizes the understanding of the myofascial relationships of the body to address pain and helps to release muscular tension, knots and trigger points.

Alternative Methodology
The Acupuncture treatment may include the use of practices complementary to needling to help treat and improve patient’s health. Some of those techniques include cupping, guasha, moxibustion, electro-acupuncture, ion-pumping cords, diode rings and magnets.

Marma Therapy

With Michael Kinnan

If you were to combine the point-system of acupuncture, the energy healing of reiki, the intense pressure of deep tissue, and the unexpected intimate conversation with a stranger, you might find something that resembles Marma Therapy. This body work is unique in that it doesn’t aim to “fix.” It aims to create space within the body so that it can release blocked energy channels and restore equilibrium. Taking into account intense sensitivity to emotional and mental stressors as well as physical strain, Marma Therapy as practiced by Michael is a wholly interactive experience that ultimately renews the entire being and gives the client a chance to listen and rebuild.


Michael has been a practicing marma therapist for two and half years since studying directly under Alan Finger and Kristin Leal at ISHTA Yoga. He is also a 200-hour trained yoga teacher with an iyengar alignment concentration, trained by Hannah Harpole in Goa, India

By Appointment Only:

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Single 75-minute Session: $85

Package of 3 Sessions: $230

Non-Member Rates

Single 75-minute Session: $100

Package of 3 Sessions: $270

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