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Yoga Styles

The Meaning and Benefits of Anjali Mudra In Yoga

The Anjali Mudra also called “prayer position”, is a fundamental component of yoga culture and practice, made by bringing the palms together in front of the chest and below your chin, with the fingers pointing up. Anjali mudra has many meanings, you can practice it while performing asanas, and we’ll go deeper into the topic …

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face yoga
Yoga Styles

Face Yoga Exercises Help You rejuvenate your face skin

Face yoga is a growing trend of facial exercise and massage that is a natural alternative to Botox and face-lifting procedures. The face yoga method is used to remove the appearance of fine lines and visible aging signs while bringing a facial healthy glow. This article will tell you everything you need to know about …

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yoga pants outfits ideas
Yoga Gear

The 40 Best Yoga Pant Outfits for Your Next Session

Yoga pants are not only suitable for yoga classes, but also perfect for daily life. But how to make full use of your yoga pants? So here’s our list of the best yoga pants outfit ideas in 2022 for you. Let’s dig into them now! What Exactly Are Yoga Pants? Yoga pants are a type …

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yoga tattoos
Yoga Styles

40 Most Popular Yoga Tattoos You Should Consider

Millions of people around the world practice yoga, and for many, the experience is enhanced by having a yoga tattoo. These tattoos can be used to depict various aspects of the practice, from symbols that represent different poses to characters that remind the real origins of yoga, such as Sanskrit. If you’re thinking about getting …

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yoga quotes

Get Much Inspiration from Powerful Yoga Quotes

We all look for ways to get a healthy, positive mindset. Yoga is a great practice for both the mind and body and helps us get through daily stress. However, how to keep on yoga practice for a long time? Yoga quotes are necessary in yoga class! Read below beautiful yoga quotes that will inspire …

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yoga wheel exercise
Yoga Poses

How to Practice Yoga Wheel Exercise in 24 Yoga Poses

Do you struggle with certain Yoga poses? Are you new to Yoga and in need of some support? If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, then a Yoga Wheel may be just what you need. Yoga wheels are a relatively recent addition to many Yogi’s practices. These wheels are made from wood, cork, …

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yoga pants vs legging
Yoga Gear

Yoga Pants VS Leggings: Choose the Best for Your Yoga Practice

If you are interested in starting Yoga, or any other exercise routine, then you may want to buy some clothes suited for the practice. While Yoga is not the most intense form of exercise, it will cause you to sweat, especially if you practice challenging Yoga forms such as Bikram Yoga. In this article, we …

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Yoga Gear

Everything You Need To Know About Aerial Yoga Hammocks

Gone are the days when yoga was stuck to the ground. Nowadays, all sorts of items can be used to bring harmony to your inner self. Yoga hammocks are one of them. Taking part in a practice suspended in the air attracts a certain type of yogi. Let’s just say it takes a rare type …

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