lululemon yoga mat

How to Clean Lululemon Yoga Mat

Lululemon Yoga mats are some of the most highly appreciated yoga accessories that are needed for every yoga practice. If you own a Lululemon yoga mat, you must clean it correctly to prevent any bacteria or odors from developing. So, how to clean Lululemon yoga mat? This article will tell you everything you need to …

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a woman lying on blue yoga ball

What Size Yoga Ball do I need?

Yoga balls go by numerous names and have multiple usages. They are made from elastic and plastic vinyl blends enriched with burst-resistance properties and filled with air. Exercise balls can be used in all kinds of practices for different reasons. One unified reason is that a yoga ball will exercise the core strength of the …

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ddp yoga

DDP Yoga Review: Is Good or Bad for Yoga Practice

DDP yoga has gained a lot of popularity in the last period. DDPY yoga reviews 2020 lists this workout program as the most revolutionary workout program made. Made by Diamond Dallas Page, a professional wrestler, DDP yoga is a workout suitable for people of all levels of fitness abilities. The best part is that this …

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a woman exercises for muscle building

Does Yoga Build Muscle? How to Use Yoga to Get Ripped

Traditionally, people have used weight lifting, bodyweight lifting, and gym visits to build muscle and get ripped. But does yoga build muscle?   Yoga has numerous benefits, both physical, psychological, and spiritual. Recently, there has been a viral trend of using yoga and its poses for building muscle. Even though some people argue that yoga is …

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a man plays yoga with white shirt and pant

What Do Men Wear to Yoga? The Complete Guides

The rise of interest in yoga has brought many different options for girls’ yoga attire, but unfortunately, men have far fewer options for guy yoga attire. The info about what do guys wear to yoga is limited. This article will explain what men should wear to yoga, what to look for in men’s yoga leggings …

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leggings panty lines

How to Prevent Leggings’ Panty Lines from Showing?

Panty lines are a foreseen problem coming from wearing panties under tight leggings. And while some people think of underwear as sexy panty lines, for others, it is an unpleasant occurrence that draws unwanted attention.  If you want to learn how to get rid of underwear lines, we recommend you stay with us and use …

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Ashtanga yoga vs Vinyasa yoga

Ashtanga Yoga vs Vinyasa Yoga: Which is Better for You

Ashtanga and vinyasa are two terms used to describe different types of yoga. Yoga is a meditation and movement practice of which there are many different types. The original yoga that was practiced was simply meditation. There were very few asanas (poses) seen in the practice. To this day, one of the core attributes of …

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Yoga before or after running

Yoga Before or After Running: Which One is Better?

Runners have experienced everything from tight hamstrings to painful calves, knee aches, and an unpleasant IT band. For runners, aches and pains are normal. Regular yoga practice may help you manage these discomforts and enhance your performance. You might benefit from including yoga in your fitness regimens because it’s an excellent method to increase flexibility. …

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Yoga Mat vs Exercise Mat: Which One is Best for You

Many modern-day exercises require people to get down onto the floor and on their knees. On a tile floor and sometimes even a carpet floor, this can be sore and even harmful in some situations. Therefore, exercise mats were made to prevent that from happening. Yoga mats ensure that people stay safe and comfortable whilst …

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