Ashtanga yoga vs Vinyasa yoga

Ashtanga Yoga vs Vinyasa Yoga: Which is Better for You

Ashtanga and vinyasa are two terms used to describe different types of yoga. Yoga is a meditation and movement practice of which there are many different types. The original yoga that was practiced was simply meditation. There were very few asanas (poses) seen in the practice. To this day, one of the core attributes of …

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Yoga before or after running

Yoga Before or After Running: Which One is Better?

Runners have experienced everything from tight hamstrings to painful calves, knee aches, and an unpleasant IT band. For runners, aches and pains are normal. Regular yoga practice may help you manage these discomforts and enhance your performance. You might benefit from including yoga in your fitness regimens because it’s an excellent method to increase flexibility. …

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Yoga Mat vs Exercise Mat: Which One is Best for You

Many modern-day exercises require people to get down onto the floor and on their knees. On a tile floor and sometimes even a carpet floor, this can be sore and even harmful in some situations. Therefore, exercise mats were made to prevent that from happening. Exercise mats ensure that people stay safe and comfortable whilst …

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yoga vs meditation

Yoga Vs. Meditation: Which one is better?

Due to our busy and unpredictable lifestyles, many people struggle with constant stress. This also includes anxiety and tension. But, not all of us have the right tactics to deal with those issues. But this doesn’t have to be like that anymore. What if I tell you that you can ease your worries by doing …

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yoga body vs gym body

The Difference Between Yoga Body Vs.Gym Body

Summer is here, and everyone wants to be fit again. Although it is not necessarily essential to have a healthy body during the summer months, many people still want to have it tones one way or another. However, deciding what kind of workout will most likely give you the desired results can be challenging. Going …

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yoga vs pilates

Yoga Vs. Pilates: What’s the Difference between Them

Just like many people, you may be confused about the difference between Yoga and Pilates. Both are very popular workouts with a number of benefits to those who practice. Yoga is a spiritual workout focused on providing harmony between the mind and body. Pilates is a workout focused on utilizing unused muscles and promoting definition. …

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how to use yoga block

How to Use Yoga Blocks? The Beginner’s Guide

Are you tired of doing yoga and still experiencing pain in your joints and muscles? Prolonged stress in those areas of the body can cause damage even to advanced practitioners. Not offering your body the right support can prevent you from proper alignment during your yoga practice. There is an easy solution to all of …

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Yoga vs stretching

Yoga Vs Stretching: Are They the Same Thing, Which is Better?

Summer is here, and everyone’s goal is to get to their desired body shape. However, few have the time and energy to follow a strict exercise program. For that reason, many find yoga workouts much more effective and time-efficient. Yoga practice has been around for centuries. It involves focusing on your mind-body connections. It consists …

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