DDP Yoga Review: Is Good or Bad for Yoga Practice

DDP yoga has gained a lot of popularity in the last period. DDPY yoga reviews 2020 lists this workout program as the most revolutionary workout program made. Made by Diamond Dallas Page, a professional wrestler, DDP yoga is a workout suitable for people of all levels of fitness abilities.

The best part is that this workout is for professional athletes and people with minimal physical skills and strength alike. It improves core strength, flexibility, balance, weight loss, and muscle build. 

But does DDP yoga work? This article is a full DDP yoga review that can help you decide if DDP is the workout you’ve been looking for. 

What is DDP Yoga?

DDP yoga abbreviation stands for Diamond Dallas Page yoga. The name comes from its founder, Page Joseph Faklinburg, a former professional wrestler. You can find more details about him in the following section. 

What is Diamond yoga? DDP is an intense yoga workout whose main focus is strength building, burning calories, and improving posture, balance, flexibility, and body shape with the help of adjusted yoga poses and weightlifting training.

Every DDP yoga workout contains some traditional yoga poses; some adapted yoga poses, classical calisthenics, dynamic resistance training, and sports rehab therapy exercises. With a wide variety of exercises, DDP yoga aims to provide a substantial cardiovascular workout without overwhelming the joints. 

DDP yoga has over 300 different workouts, divided into 5 difficulty or ability levels:

  • Limited mobility level
  • Beginner level
  • Intermediate level
  • Advanced level
  • Extreme level

Who Created DDP Yoga?

Diamond Dallas Page

DDP yoga was created by Diamond Dallas Page, whose real name is Page Joseph Falkinburg. He used to be a WCW world champion and professional wrestler with a career-threatening injury. When numerous doctors told Page Joseph that his career was over, he decided to take matters into his own hands. By a suggestion from his spouse, he enrolled in yoga classes and soon discovered that those poses were too “easy” compared to his former wrestling training. 

So, he started working on a hybrid yoga program that integrates numerous exercises like resistance training, dynamic training, rehabilitation training, calisthenics, and breathing exercises. Furthermore, since he had a joint injury, he had to put minimal stress on the joints. 

After 12 years of development, adjustment, and improvement, DDP yoga was born. 

DDP Yoga Workout

Originally, DDP workout yoga was available as a DVD set series. Now, it’s also available through the DDPY app and DDP yoga subscription, compatible with numerous devices like Android, iPhone, laptop, or smart TV. The set of sessions is also available for DDP yoga digital download. This allows DDP yoga practitioners to exercise whenever, wherever. 

The DDP exercise set has unlimited workout options, helpful guidance, and how-to videos. Furthermore, the newer online options allow users to connect with their trainer for all their questions and to communicate with other DDP practitioners for tips, tricks, guidance, and community support. 

Benefits of DDP Yoga

DDP has proven to provide practitioners with numerous physical and mental benefits. 

  • Increased flexibility
  • Increased endurance
  • Improved core strength
  • Better body posture
  • Improved body shape
  • Wight loss
  • Increased energy  
  • Reduced pains in the back, knees, and joints
  • Better sleep 
  • Reduced stress
  • Increased confidence
  • Improved inner balance and calm 

DDP Yoga Review – Program Features and Details

The DDP yoga exercise routine is made to help weight loss while strengthening the core, enhancing flexibility, and increasing mobility. All this is done without adverse effects or pressure on the joints.

The DDP program starts with the “Diamond Dozen” poses which are the basics for each advanced, more complex pose or exercise. The exercises themselves have different benefits and concentrate on different body parts. And most importantly, these exercises are around half an hour long, so they don’t take much time. 

DDP Program Features

These are some of the types of exercises you’ll encounter on the DDP DVD or DDP app:

  • Fundamental poses 
  • Energizing
  • Core Strength practice
  • Body conditioning 
  • Abs workout
  • Legs workout
  • Hips workout
  • Joints workout
  • Knees workout
  • Back workout
  • Cardio exercises
  • Flexibility exercises
  • Exercise to wake up
  • Exercises for standing 
  • Challenging positions 
  • Sweating workout (Diamond Dallas Page’s personal workout)

The physical DDP yoga DVD copies include:

  • 4 DVDs with exercises
  • Diamond Dozen basic positions quick reference guide
  • DDP program booklet – Motivational stories, Nutrition guide, Diet Journal, and Recipes

The DDPYoga app includes:

  • More than 300 workout tutorials and guides for all difficulty levels
  • Progress tracking feature for consistency, calories burned, heart rate, and many more
  • Customizable plan 
  • Nutritional guides, recipes, and diet plans 
  • Weekly live workouts


  • The DDP yoga exercise tutorials are led by Diamond Dallas and are fun, engaging, and motivational. 
  • DDP yoga reviews from customers positively rate the consistency of the routines, the gradual increase in complexity of the exercise, and the ability to track heart rate in real-time.
  • Every workout focuses on a particular aspect and keeps to it. For example, Strength Builder or Stand up episodes closely keep to what the exercise set is named.
  • Each workout has an optimal difficulty based on their level. DDPY reviews state that practitioners feel accomplished after each exercise and are more confident to continue exercising.


  • DDP yoga negative reviews mostly revolve around the fact that the program can become too easy after continuous practice for some time. 
  • Once they finish with the whole program (extreme level included), practitioners report that they have to stick to the extreme level and stay on it since everything else becomes “too easy.” The level itself and the exercises included in it become monotonous and boring. 
  • Some users complain that the $29.99 price is too expensive compared to other types of exercises, yoga studios, or gym memberships. 

Who is DDP Yoga Good For?

DDP is a great exercise program that can be practiced by everyone, including people with health problems or joint injuries. 

DDP yoga testimonials ensure that DDP is a great alternative for people that tried numerous programs but didn’t get the results. 

Practitioners state that DDP is a great replacement for running, biking, or gym visits that might overwhelm their muscles or joints. Furthermore, it’s suitable for people with knee, back, or hip injuries and people with arthritis.

DDP strengthens the core but doesn’t overstress the muscles. 

DDP yoga results show that the training is perfect for losing weight, improving physical posture, and gaining muscle strength and flexibility. 

DDP Yoga Equipment

DDP yoga doesn’t require any special equipment, which is a great plus for people who want to try the training before investing in any additional gear. Essential equipment includes a yoga mat and suitable exercise clothes. Furthermore, they can utilize water bottles and towels.

Engaged, regular DDP practitioners can invest in jacked straps, yoga blocks, and heart rate monitors. 

DDP Yoga Before and After

All around the Internet, on YouTube, Facebook, and DDP official website, there are numerous testimonials about DDP yoga before and after effects. Thousands of people share their body shape, weight, strength, and endurance improvements. 

One such thriving and the inspirational story was the story of Arthur, 27 years old veteran with a disability and a walking cane. With the help of Diamond Dallas and DDP yoga, he lost weight, gained muscle strength, and eventually started walking without a cane and running.

DDP Yoga vs. Traditional Yoga Class

DDP has some similarities and differences compared to traditional yoga. 

For one, DDP is as hard as some forms of yoga since it doesn’t have a lot of poses. This makes DDP suitable for a broad population, including seniors and children. Furthermore, DDP contains some simple yoga poses so that people can be secure, easily follow the class, and be safe during DDP poses.

Another difference between DDP yoga and traditional yoga is that DDP yoga is more focused on strength and not stretching, which makes it suitable for muscle and injury recovery.

DDP is also far more dynamic than traditional yoga. It might be similar to power yoga or hot yoga and allows the same calorie-burning experience. But, once again, DDP is far safer for people with previous injuries.   

Can You Practice DDP Yoga Every Day?

Yes, DDP is suitable for everyday practice.

Nonetheless, there should be certain days when the body and muscles can rest. The DDP work plan alone ensures some days “off” and Sunday as a resting day. 

Does DDP Yoga Help Lose Weight?

DDP is a program suitable for burning fat and losing weight. It does so through cardio and dynamic practices/exercises. The benefits of DDP weight loss are continuous and show long-term results.

Is the DDP Yoga Program Good for Bodybuilders?

Bodybuilders might benefit from DDP yoga, but DDP is not suitable to be the main or only exercise. Even though it’s dynamic, DDP yoga is more suitable for inexperienced individuals and not for people that are used to intensive workouts for bodybuilding. 

Nonetheless, if you are a bodybuilder that needs to recover from an injury, DDP yoga can be an excellent tool for recovery and a great way to stay in shape while you still can’t do your standard bodybuilding practice. 

How Much Does DDP Yoga Cost?

DDP yoga comes with 5 ability levels you can choose from. The monthly subscription to DDPY cost $29.99 and will automatically renew if you don’t change or cancel it. 

This DDP yoga price subscription gives you access to premium workouts, personal development plans, fitness monitoring, personalized advice, nutritional and diet tips, live workouts, and broad community support. 

Ddp yoga cost includes everything you would need to enroll in their 13 weeks plan. Nonetheless, you can continue your usage and practice after those 13 weeks for as long as you want to exercise DDP. 

You can’t find DDP yoga free.

What is DDPY?

DDPY is the official DDP app that allows full access to the workout program, personalized plans, diets, fitness and progress monitoring, and live joint workouts.

Popular Alternatives to DDP Yoga

There are some popular alternatives to DDP yoga. Similar yoga types to DDP include power, Bikram, and hot yoga.

Regarding yoga and exercise apps, the popular alternatives include:

  • Yoga Go
  • Booya Fitness
  • FitOn
  • Glo
  • Daily Burn


DDP yoga is a wonderful workout yoga program that has shown to be a beneficial weight loss program. Furthermore, it increases flexibility, strength, muscle endurance, and health. 

If you are interested in a powerful workout that doesn’t pressure you or your joints too much, this is a workout worth the shot. With a 4.9 rating out of 5, DDP yoga practice has helped thousands of people to get in shape, lose weight, and stay healthy and focused.

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