What Do Men Wear to Yoga? The Complete Guides

The rise of interest in yoga has brought many different options for girls’ yoga attire, but unfortunately, men have far fewer options for guy yoga attire. The info about what do guys wear to yoga is limited.

This article will explain what men should wear to yoga, what to look for in men’s yoga leggings and men’s yoga shirts, and all the FAQs you might have as a guy practicing yoga. We hope that this article will give you numerous ideas of what men to wear to yoga.

What should guys wear to yoga?

There are two main types of men’s yoga outfits – t-shirts and tank tops. Most tops are cotton based, while a lesser percentage is other natural fibers or synthetic materials. 

For bottom clothes, guys also have two choices: shorts or full-length pants. The materials for these options follow the same rule as the tops, so most are made of cotton or cotton blends. 

Even though every yoga man can choose the length and the material, the main requirement for yoga clothes is to be comfortable and allow mobility during poses. 

Differences between men’s gym clothes and yoga clothes

At its base, yoga outfit for men is similar to gym clothing, but there are some fundamental differences to keep in mind. 

Any activewear or gym clothes need to be comfortable and casual enough to provide free movement, whether for sports, exercise, or running. Yoga clothes need high flexibility, but they also should be tight enough to ensure that no excessive materials hang down. If they do, they might interfere with the yoga poses. 

a men doing yoga pose in the garden with white T-shirt and loose yoga pant

What tops do men wear to yoga?

Men should wear medium-loose tank tops, shirts, or muscle tees for yoga practice. Some practitioners are most comfortable practicing shirtless, but this might be inappropriate for yoga studios. 

Sleeveless tops are perfect for hotter weather, as they provide better cooling off. Tank tops, on the other hand, provide better body alignment and posture. 

Aside from the type of top, the material plays a role. Loose cotton shirts might work fine, but spandex or polyester blends are better at absorbing sweat and providing a tighter fit. This is especially important for beginner yogis since the teacher can more easily notice any needed adjustments during asanas. 

Synthetic vs. Cotton

Synthetics and cotton have different properties and, thus, various positive and negative characteristics. 

Cotton absorbs sweat, but once absorbed, the cotton just stays soaked and sticky. So, cotton is not moisture-wicking and doesn’t draw sweat away from your skin. But cotton is a natural material preferred by yoga practitioners that don’t want synthetic fabrics.

On the other hand, synthetic materials are quite moisture-wicking and dry easier and faster. So, when you sweat during yoga, they will pull the sweat from your skin by absorbing and releasing it outside by evaporation. And, as you might guess, synthesis can be a little less comfortable, especially for people that are prone to skin irritations. 

Men’s T-Shirt for yoga

If you decide to go for a t-shirt, we recommend a loose-fighting t-shirt with comfortable swat-absorbent properties. The men’s yoga shirt should allow you to lift and move your arms in all directions easily. Also, the t-shirt should be long enough to cover your stomach during poses with your hands above the head. 

Remember that even though your t-shirt should be loose enough to allow comfort, it should not be too loose to fall over your head during the downward-facing dog yoga pose. 

Men’s Tank Top for Yoga

Tank tops are great men’s yoga attire if you want more skin breathability and more freedom of movement. Another benefit of sleeveless tops in male yoga attire is that they are flattering to the body. This is a great addition since it helps the teacher notice and give feedback on how beginner yogis hold their posture during yoga poses.

What pants should men wear to yoga?

When it comes to yoga pants for guys, they can choose between shorts, long pants, and leggings. 

As with the yoga shirts for men, the fabrics make all the difference. Soft spandex and polyester blends are good for multiple bends and stretching while they stay comfortable to wear. Furthermore, men’s yoga outfit usually has wider elastics on the waist, adding freedom of movement and comfort. 

Men’s Shorts for Yoga

Shorts are mainly the number one choice for guy yoga since they allow broad movement. Even if the shorts are a tight fit, they offer coverage and usually have an underlayer of lining for protection. 

For some practitioners, running or basketball shorts are good yoga outfits for men.

a man doing yoga pose on ground with gym t-shirt and short pant

Men’s Long Pants for yoga

Many practitioners note that an appropriate yoga attire for men is long pants like track pants or joggers. Man yoga pants are similar to jogging pants but are more tight-fitting and stay in place during stretches and bends.

Another benefit of men’s pilates pants (yes, the same pants can be used as men’s pilates clothing) is that they can have pockets to keep things close to you.

One important thing to note is to ensure that your long pants don’t have ties on the waist, and if they do, the tie is nicely put and doesn’t hand. The tie might distract you or interfere with the yoga poses if it’s too low. 

Men’s Leggings for yoga

By default, leggings are tight bottoms initially made for layering clothes. But, with time and change in fashion, they became casual wear that is not worn under other clothes. Today, leggings are worn as regular pants in a combo with upper clothes like sweatshirts, t-shirts, or dresses. 

If men opt for leggings as their men’s yoga outfit, they should look for athletic yoga pants and not fashionable leggings. Leggings for men’s yoga practice are very likely to be as good-looking as classic fashion leggings. Still, they will also have moisture-wicking fabrics and enough stretching properties to keep you comfortable during practice. 

What to look for in a men’s yoga outfit?

What do men wear for yoga is not the most important question; how they wear it is. It’s very important to feel comfortable during yoga practice, so you would need clothes that absorb sweat properly, gives you enough freedom to move around, and stretches enough to ensure that your yoga clothing for guys stays put during complex asanas. 

Fabrics for men’s yoga outfits

Your yoga clothes for men need to be comfortable, lightweight, sweat-absorbent, stretchy, and thick. Even though cotton is the most natural material, synthetic fabrics have more moisture-wicking and stretching properties. 

With the innovative technology in clothing, there are also numerous material blend options that you can choose as yoga attire for guys. Explore their pros and cons, and you can make your educated choice for the best men’s yoga clothes. 

Size for men’s yoga outfits

Another essential aspect is the size. When you stretch and bend during yoga, you need yoga clothes to support you in the poses and keep your body tight in place. So, make sure you are entirely sure about the size of your men’s yoga outfit when you buy it. 

When wearing yoga outfits, men should also note that the yoga pants stretch with usage, so even though they might feel tight when you try them on for the first time, they should loose up with usage. 

What should you not wear to yoga?

Even though there is a wide range of man attire you can wear to yoga, there are some restrictions too. And that is for your own benefit. Cargo shorts, denim, and khakis are not recommended at all. 

When it comes to shirts, you should not wear too tight shirts that restrict your movement. But, your shirts shouldn’t be too loose either, since they can interfere with your practice. 

a man laying on ground and lifting up the leg with gym clothes

FAQ for men wear for yoga

What do men wear to hot yoga?

If you’re asking yourself what to wear to hot yoga as a male, we have a few options to provide. First and foremost, you need shorts and pants that fit closely. If you have bottom clothes that are not very tight, make sure that you wear an undergarment for coverage. 

When it comes to upper-body clothes, you should opt for a close-fitting tank top. If it’s more comfortable, you can also practice topless, if everyone is okay with that. 

Hot yoga guys should also note that all of their men’s yoga attire should be highly moisture-wicking and sweat-absorbent. 

Do men wear yoga pants or leggings?

Yoga pants are great yoga attire for men. They are fashionable, look fit and flattering, and offer much support and stretch. Furthermore, men wearing yoga pants during practice can have higher freedom of movement, comfort, and breathability. 

Yoga pants for men are pretty similar to jogging pants but are more tight fitting and stay put during extensive stretching, twisting, and bending. 

Yoga Pants or Yoga Shorts

The dilemma between yoga pants and yoga shorts is left to your preference. Some male yoga practitioners are more comfortable with shorts, while others prefer the coverage of full-length pants.

One thing to ensure is that your yoga pants absorb sweat and dry off quickly. 

Activewear vs. Yogawear

The most crucial aspect that differentiates gym clothes from men’s yoga attire is that you need clothes comfortable enough to bend, stretch and twist for yoga practice. 

Even though it requires some bending and stretching, gym practice doesn’t have the same level of twisting or holding a pose for prolonged periods. 

So, the bottom line is that you can use activewear for yoga practice, but specialized yoga wear will provide you with more comfort, posture hold, and freedom of movement. 


There are numerous options for what do men wear to yoga. The most important thing, aside from making sure that your clothes fit you nicely and appropriately for the poses, is to feel comfortable wearing them. 

We hope that we explained everything you wanted to know about men’s yoga wear and helped you to walk proudly in your next yoga class.

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