boat pose yoga

Boat Pose Yoga: How to Do Boat Pose and Variations

Navasana is the Sanskrit word for boat pose in yoga, with ‘Nava’ meaning boat (also Nauka) and ‘Asana’ meaning a seated position. The boat pose is one of many balancing poses encountered in yoga. Whether your balancing happens between work or leisure, or family, boat pose yoga is a great way to practice the balance …

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yoga pose for beginner

Yoga Poses for Beginners: 20 Best Basic Poses to Try

Starting yoga is an exciting experience. You will learn to use your body in unique ways, learn a lot, and improve your flexibility, strength, and general wellbeing. However, many yoga poses look incredibly complicated, especially if you are just starting. We are here to help clear up these complexities. In this article, we will discuss …

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Chair in the Cross Position

25 Best Aerial Yoga Poses and Ideas for You to Try

Aerial Yoga is a relatively new form of Yoga that has exploded in popularity in recent years. Developed by Michelle Dortignac, Aerial Yoga innovates by mixing it with other forms of exercise, such as pilates, while using a hammock to perform exciting aerial yoga poses. However, Aerial Yoga can be intimidating to get into, especially …

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hip opening yoga pose

35 Best Hip Opening Yoga Poses for Tight Your Hip

Tightness in the hips is a typical problem for people around the world. It might be from sitting all day, or you might be built that way. Some people who regularly exercise still have tight hips.  However, to avoid injuries or increase your flexibility you can try hip-opening yoga poses. Meantime, preventing yoga injuries is …

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3 person yoga pose

The Best Three-Person Yoga Poses of Acro Yoga

Yoga has evolved in many ways in modern times. One of the most fun and perhaps challenging ways yoga has evolved has been toward trio Acro yoga. Trio Acro yoga involves poses where one or more yogis are raised in the air, blurring the lines between yoga and acrobatics. These 3 person yoga poses are …

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4 poeple yoga pose

Best 4-Person Yoga Poses You Can Try with Partners

4 person yoga poses are becoming increasingly more common as yoga also becomes more popular. The type of yoga that involves four people is known as Acro Yoga. When there are two people practicing Acro yoga it’s known as doing partner yoga poses.  This is a fun type of yoga that requires all the people involved to be …

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Yoga poses for kids

34 Best Yoga Poses for Kids: Easy and Fun to Play Yoga

Yoga is a set of exercising poses, breathing techniques, and meditation that can be practiced by people of all ages. So, yoga is great for kids and brings numerous benefits to their growing bodies, developing minds, and inner mental state. This article will tell you everything about kid’s yoga, will give you instructions for the …

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